An apple a day keeps blood cholesterol away

By Susan Fairbairn

In a world always looking for another superfood it appears granny had it right with the apple a day theory.

Not all apples are created equal and there is a variety, native to Southern Italy—Annurca—that has been proven to have the highest levels of polyphenolic compounds.

One particular compound, procyanidin, has shown an effect on cholesterol metabolism and in particular a study with Granny Smith apple extract resulted in a modest lowering of HDL-C cholesterol levels.

Italian researchers encouraged by the data took a small group and gave some one apple daily and others consumed two small Annurca apples daily.

This old cultivar, Malus pumila Miller cv Annurca is smaller than the usual commercial varieties.

The results were very promising for cholesterol lowering and so gastric resistant capsules at 800mg, were formulated and called AppleMetS and they did another study.

In a months time the impact on LDL-C and HDL-C was …..”An unprecedented result[s] never obtained with any other nutraceutical or drug and could be of clinical relevance in the cardiovascular disease primary prevention.

Further reading:

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Photo caption: In Vietnam the gods are offered apples
Credit: Susan Fairbairn