This Kale story is different, the first of its kind.

image of the first tropical kale

Image of the first tropical kale

So up in the hot country we love Kale (Kale (Brassica oleracea L. var. virdis L.) because it doesn’t bolt in fact

I’ve never seen it flower not like most of the other brassicas, why because it needs, cool weather, >7 C for 6–8 weeks.

Mr Singh, and colleagues from the ICAR-Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, in India, however, have discovered a tropical Kale, they say the first in the world, one that flowers, and sets seed in temperatures ranging from 11.8–23.5 C . They named it, ‘VRKALE-1’

Do we care if it seeds? Well consider the ramifications of sterility and you have your answer. More importantly it will allow growers living in remote parts of the world, the ones that can’t pop down to the Yates stand, access to this amazing vegetable.

In his research paper Mr Singh points out that Kale contains as much Vitamin A as carrots. An amount of vitamin C (nearly four times that of oranges and limes), and is a good source of vitamin B complex and minerals.

He quotes others in pointing out that Kale has a higher bio-availability of calcium (Ca) than milk. He also points out that Kale contains compounds called glucosinolates that when broken down (chewed, cut, cooked) create byproducts that protect against prostate and colon cancers. Then there are carotenes and Omega 3 fatty acids. Are you convinced of its super powers now?

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